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Sound Troubleshooting

The website has been tested on various versions of Microsoft Explorer (7,8,9), Firefox (3,9,10), Chrome (17.), Opera and Safari (5.) and so should work for nearly every computer. The site also works on the iPhone and iPad. Older smartphones based on Android may not play the sounds. Here are some suggestions to try if the sound doesn't work.

  1. Check that the computer sound is turned on and working by playing sound from another program or website (e.g. go to BBC iPlayer and try listening to something). If no sound appears from other programs and websites this tutorial gives some common fixes for windows and this page deals with Macs.
  2. If there is another browser on your computer, try that.
  3. If your browser is old, update to a newer version.
  4. If your browser is old (IE 7,8 or Firefox 3) and you don't want to update it, make sure you have a recent version of Flash installed.